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In 2007, P.U.S.H. TO WIN OUTREACH, Inc. began a Summer Youth Program. Classes offered during this program include Life Skills, Peer Pressure, Anger Management, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Bible Classes, Abstinence and HIV/STD Prevention, and Performing Arts Classes. Breakfast and Lunch are served during the Summer Program and a variety of arts and craft projects are completed and displayed. We encourage a hands on approach and a “seeing is believing” reality with the kids. We do this through role-playing, discussions and field trips. In the past years, our field trips included; Cirque Du Soleil, The Universoul Circus, The Houston Zoo, The Children’s Museum, The Miller Outdoor Theater, The Houston Police Department
Helicopter Unit, City Hall, ITZ Pizza, The Houston Police Department Canine & Horse Unit and The Ensemble Theater to name a few. Each graduate receives a certificate, a backpack filled with school supplies and a personal bag filled with hygiene items. Registration for the summer program begins in May of each year.