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P.U.S.H. TO WIN OUTREACH, INC. has a variety of innovative programs and services that include an After School Program, Computer Classes, Boy Scouts Troop 227, Girl Talk Program, Parenting Classes, Mayor’s Literacy Program, Life Skills Program, Nutrition Program, Abstinence/STD/HIV Prevention Program, a Four -Week Annual Summer Youth Program, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs and much more. Our current target focus areas include Riverbrook Apartments, Scott Plaza Apartments, Woodson Elementary and Middle School, Codwell Elementary, Simmons Garden Senior Housing, and Greater Grace Outreach Church.

The interactive plan of this program enables youth to learn prevention techniques, gain self-esteem and maintain a positive outlook towards their future. It also aims to provide support in school, work and home and establishes training sessions that encourages healthy functioning relationships for families. The plan and aspect of this program functions while reminding each youth that God loves and cares for them unconditionally, despite the mishaps and hardships that life may bring.